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The old Gandolfi’s shop, located in the historical center of Rapallo and estabilished in 1920, and since then it deals in the tipical pillow laces of Rapallo (De.C.O.),

It’s the only shop left that sells the renowed artigianal product in every form, and since four generations is a symbol of prefessionality and quality.


Pillow Laces of Rapallo

“Rapallo and its district for centuries played a leading role in the production of pillow laces. Women worked on cilindric pillows ( Tomboli ) placed on woden perches, interweaving with great skill linen thread wrapped on small woden spindles (Fuselli or Cavigge), that can be tens or even hundreds. The pattern to realize is drawn with ink on cardboard (Cartine) that is pinned on the pillow. On these designs the lacemaker forms thin braids, small almonds (Armelette), ribbons, little bars that compose flowers, patterns like meanders, scrolls, festoons. The most ancient designs are of the geometric kind, revealing a great oriental influence, first and foremost the “Rosoni Genovesi” pattern. Later the list of designs and patterns gets bigger, drawing influence from Venetian, Lombard, Flemish or French laces, and includes even light net backgrounds on which the designs stand out. After the crisis at the end of the 18th century, there is a great recovery, starting from the half of the 19th century, with new patterns and designs, worked with white and ecrù linen or white black of crude silk. In 1854 around 8000 lacemakers worked in Rapallo and surroundings. A 1871 census reports more than 3000 workers just in the little town, all working, like old times, from their homes, selling the finished product to local merchants.”

extract from Enciclopedia della Liguria – Edizioni: IL SECOLO XIX – 2000 Ta

Where we are

Pizzi al Tombolo Emilio Gandolfi Cavour 1, 16035, Rapallo (GE), Italy

Phone 0185.50234

Mon 16:00-19:30, Tue-Sat 9:30-12:30, 16:00-19:30

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